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Publisher's Note

Our communities are polarized. Coaches (my definition of a coach: anyone who helps others improve in some way) have skills in helping people understand each other and how to get along.

I want to support people who can help bring cooperation and harmony to our communities.

This magazine is designed to support coaches.

When you choose your content to submit, consider how it can help coaches, either by inspiring and encouraging them, or by teaching them something you know that can help them as they bring cooperation and harmony to our communities.

Of course, this includes how they can take better care of themselves as well.

With appreciation for your contributions, Marilyn McLeod, Publisher

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  • Are these my ideas, or am I just copying from someone else?

  • Because authors get a bio box, if someone reaches out to me, does my topic lead to questions that relate to the product or service I want to deliver to new customers?

  • Is my article or video truly only educational or inspirational, or is it really more of a sales pitch?

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