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Celebrating Coaches Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine by coaches, for coaches.

And it's so much more than that.

You're a coach or have a product that coaches want, and you'd like to be seen in the magazine.

Our advertising partners receive special advantages during our promotions and events. As a new magazine we're especially open to hearing from our partners to find ways that truly help you with your goals. 

Our subscriber base is very inclusive. We define 'coaches' in our magazine this way: If you teach something, or help others develop in some way, we consider you a coach. We understand this is very broad, but we believe our world these days needs a very broad community of people who understand coaching principles, to support others as our society goes through challenging times.

To help you reach the coaching segment most interested in what you do, you might want to focus on special issues included in the annual subscription, which may be released at any time throughout the year. Let us know which topics will help you best showcase what you offer.

It's all about you!! See yourself on the cover, get a featured article about you and your organization, plus a two page spread, all in the same issue. Continue being top of mind throughout the rest of the year's quarterly issues. Annual subscription.

One issue where you're featured:

  • Cover image
  • Feature article
  • Double page spread
  • Video interview

4 quarterly issues:

  • Full page ad
  • 720x250px graphic ad + marketplace upgrade

VIP ticket for magazine events during the year:

  • Summits
  • Giveaways
  • Subscriber monthly group mastermind sponsorship

You've been in business for awhile. You know your products and services are aligned with coaches. Stay top of mind and expand your reach through an annual campaign in the magazine. Annual subscription.

Each quarterly issue:

  • Full page with optional educational or inspirational video

Each issue:

  • 720x250px graphic ad + marketplace upgrade

You're just getting your business started. You want to be seen, and you want to spend your campaign money wisely. Maybe you've already spent money on training and software you now realize you didn't need after all. Establish yourself as a professional while you're honing in on your message and audience. Annual subscription.

One issue:

  • Coach's profile full page

Each quarterly issue:

  • 300x250px graphic ad + marketplace upgrade

Support & training during the year:

  • 7 step business basics course
  • Monthly group coaching membership

Maybe you just want to place an ad in a particular special issue one time. Get to know the magazine and let the audience begin to know about you.

Ad sizes:

  • Double page spread - 1536x1024px
  • Full page ad - 768x1024px
  • Medium horizontal ad - 720x250px
  • Small ad - 300x250px
  • Marketplace text ad - 250 characters plus link
  • Marketplace graphic ad upgrade

Catch the wave when we announce:

  • Strategy sessions
  • Summits, giveaways, webinars
  • Social media campaigns